Welcome to MedTech Leaders

A medical technology community dedicated to the professional and personal success of its members.


Why You Should Consider Becoming a Member

“What you are doing with MedTech Leaders is fantastic. The site is full of rich content.” Says a new member who is the CEO of a start-up.

Yes, access to the general community costs about 4 cups of artisan coffee per year (depending on what you get and how big the cup is :). And, there is a free trial. 

Life Science Women's Mastermind Group starting now with Shelly O'Donovan, CEO, The Authentic Influence Group as host and facilitator. See plan details below.

With your support we will create a place where members learn from each other, solve problems, grow professionally, make new friends, celebrate successes, learn new strategies and tactics, and gain access to resources. This is especially important during the post Covid era when so much change is being forced upon our industry. Together we can rise to the challenge. The MedTech Leaders Mighty Network is a success environment with members from all over the world. 

“It’s like a masterclass!" - Webinars and live events with Experts where we bring in an expert to share important ideas related to leadership, strategy and tactics, technology, trends, case studies, etc. Concerned you may not be able to participate? We will record these so you can see the program when you have time. The following video casts are in the community. A couple members said the content is "like a master class in virtual selling" (and marketing).

Other Key Features

  • Mastermind Groups of like-minded professionals (an upgrade option that is under construction) you can belong to like a group for diagnostic sales managers, consumables marketing managers, C-suite, etc. And, you can start your own group. In fact, our first group, Life Science Women's Mastermind Group is getting ready to start now. These groups are networks within themselves. They ARE NOT like LinkedIn Groups. They are much more robust.  When more groups become available, you will have the option of upgrading for access. Meanwhile, there is a TON you can do in the community without belonging to a Mastermind Group.
  • Professional Categories that make it easy to find others with similar titles and responsibilities. 
  • Virtual Events where we can discuss issues live.
  • A Robust Communication Platform that makes it easy to communicate with member colleagues. In fact, we have an app that can reside on your smart phone and tablet.
  • Eventually, there will be courses.

This is not like LinkedIn or a LinkedIn Group where your commentary gets buried in feeds in such a way no one responds. There will be no spam. And, people won't be contacting you to sell you something. 

How does this benefit YOU?

The MedTech Leaders Mighty Network is designed to give you a place to meet with like-minded medical device executives and sales and marketing professionals to work together to:

  • understand and achieve best practices
  • share resources and expertise
  • give each other feedback
  • celebrate successes
  • get motivation to overachieve market share and revenue goals
  • set the stage to become recognized leaders in your organization and industry
  • create a foundation for positions of greater responsibility
  • meet people from around the world for new perspectives
  • all this with no spam, no judgement, no politics

Finally, with your support we will also find a way to have some fun.

OK, OK…so the name of this community is MedTech Leaders.  However, we welcome medical industry professionals from Rare Diseases, Biotech and Pharma.  In fact, inside the community you may find (or you can start) a micro community related to your professional area of interest.  Take a look, it doesn’t cost anything.

About Ted Newill 

Like you, I really enjoy the medical device business. All the new technology keeps it very interesting and exciting. No doubt, many of my medical device experiences are similar to yours. I have worked in a wide variety of medical specialties and technologies from surgical implants to diagnostic equipment. And, I have progressed through positions of greater and greater responsibility. My first job was as a sales rep for a small surgical device division of American Hospital Supply Co. (now Baxter). After paying my dues in sales, I held positions in various companies as regional manager, marketing manager, director of sales, director of international sales, VP sales and marketing and president of US operations for a foreign company. I have seen successes and failures and learned a lot through these experiences along the way. For the past 10 years I have been sharing this experience as a consultant. Most recently, I started the Medical Device Success Podcast to extend helpful ideas to a wider audience.